Friday, 24 August 2012

DirectX 12 Download

Find out here when DirectX 12 should be available for download.

DirectX 11 is the current version of this doftware and it has been introduced together with Windows 7 release. But now, everybody expects a new version to be released, as soon as Windows 8 will come on the market: DirectX 12.
Of course, you may wonder, why we bother to talk regarding the DirectX 12, when there are a lot of applications which are still not compliant with DirectX 11. We will explain why we have started to think of the new software, right after we will provide you with a download link for Direct X 11. this could be useful for those which still have not upgraded to the latest software.

Also we have tested various versions of nowadays games. We must admit that some of them are still working very well with older versions of Direct X: 9, for example. But the trend is to make more powerful games, from the graphic point of view, using complex algorithms needed for rendering and displaying shaders.
OK, we can’t say  exactly when DirectX 12 will be available for download. However, there are a lot of rumors saying that the new version of this software will not appear after a long time after Windows 8 will be released. As this will happen in the summer of 2012, the DirectX 12 should be available fordownload somewhere in the beginning of 2013.

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